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Events - The Chicago Windows Phone Developer Group:  Social Event and Big News about the group!

photoThe Chicago Windows Phone Developer Group

Our summer break is over and a lot in the world of Windows Phone and Windows 8 is happening so now is a great time for a SOCIAL event. Meet us at the Franklin Tap!
BIG NEWS: We are planning to expand the scope of the group to include WINDOWS 8 APPS development. (Our legal team told us to avoid using the M word, so I hope that is etrO K with everyone). Many believe that WP8 and W8 Apps will converge in the future; there is already a lot of overlap; and many will want to develop apps on both. So we want to stay ahead of the curve. As part of our scope creep we need a new name for The Chicago Windows Phone Developers Group which will reflect both areas of development and hopefully shorter than the current name. It will be the same great group of developers just with a new name and more topics.
We need your help to decide the new name so join us at the Franklin Tap to nominate a new name and vote. This will be a great opportunity for you to show and tell what you have been working on all summer (but not your tan please).

Chicago, IL 60606 - USA

Thursday, September 27 at 5:30 PM

Attending: 13


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