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Events - The Chicago Windows Phone Developer Group:  RealWorldWPDev: Discussing various real-world techniques for creating apps

photoThe Chicago Windows Phone Developer Group

Matt Hidinger from Clarity Consulting is going to dive into a blog series titled RealWorldWPDev, which currently consists of 6 in-depth parts. The series walks through building a functioning, polished app (with full source code available), which will eventually be submitted to the marketplace.

The Series Introduction and Outline can be seen here:


Each of the parts will be discussed during the presentation, including topics ranging from:

  1. Solution Structure
  2. MVVM with Caliburn.Micro
  3. Creating a great panorama experience
  4. Creating and consuming web services
  5. Page navigation and passing complex state

Since this is probably a 200-300 level talk, you may need a basic understanding of MVVM and Silverlight (or basic windows phone development experience) to get the most out of the content.

Chicago, IL 60606 - USA

Thursday, February 2 at 5:30 PM

Attending: 33


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