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Events - The Chicago Windows Phone Developer Group:  Developing Complex WP7 Applications: Beyond the Basics

photoThe Chicago Windows Phone Developer Group

Developing Complex WP7 Applications: Beyond the Basics Developing complex mobile applications requires decoupled architecture and rule driven application flow that can be difficult to achieve on Windows Phone 7. Learn how to utilize view-model first navigation, the MVVM-C (Model-View-ViewModel-Controller) pattern, and transitions to create scalable and responsive mobile applications without sacrificing code quality. Presented by: Nathan Winder, Clarity Consulting Also there will be time for everyone to meet each other informally and exchange ideas. We will be asking for $1 to $2 donations at the meeting to help fund this site. The donation is strictly voluntary.

Chicago, IL 60606 - USA

Wednesday, December 15 at 6:30 PM

Attending: 17


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