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Mobile Monday Chicago:  Upcoming Mobile Events: February, March & April

Things are picking up steam in Chicago! Lots of exciting activities that continue to develop & grow the mobile industry in Chicago.
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Here are a few activities coming up:

  • Feb 17, 8:30 am, ITA February Roundtable. The Illinois Technology Association’s Mobile Visionary Roundtable is sponsoring a talk called “rEvolution: ‘Real’ Mobile Marketing and a Visionary Look Forward” by Alex Cambell, CEO and Co-Founder Vibes Media. FREE.
  • Feb 22, 6 pm - Mobile Monday Chicago February Meeting. “Enhancing Mobile Productivity with the Latest Security Technologies” by Brian Ferguson, NetMotion Wireless.
  • Feb 24, 5:30, TiE Midwest Panel. TiE’s new “Innovative Entrepreneurship Series” explores unique strategies entrepreneurs are employing to finance, create, grow and succeed. The first event focuses on Alternative Financing: exploring why venture capital funding is not the right option for many entrepreneurs (and how to determine when it IS the right option), the alternatives and where to begin. Member: Free to $15; non-member: $35.


  • Mar 4, 5:30 pm, CIMA Panel on Mobile Advertising. The evening’s presentation starts with cocktails, dinner, and networking. The presentation topic will discuss mobile advertising trends in 2010 including: effective mobile strategies, monetization & profit, measurements & analytics, and mobile marketing future trends. Capping it off is a post-party reception with an open bar. Members: $80; non-members: $110.
    • At Westin Cotillion Ballroom (909 N. Mich. Ave.), 5:30 - 10 PM
    • Registration:
  • Mar 5, 9 am, MobileX Conference. A one-day conference for entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry professionals and mobile enthusiasts that identifies opportunities, explores solutions, and provides technical education in the mobile & related industries. Early bird registration starts at $60 ($120 at the door).
    • Save 10%! Use the promo code: mobilexmomo
    • At Doubletree Hotel on E. Ohio Street, Chicago, 9 am - 6 pm
    • Registration & Directions:
    • Twitter hashtag: #MXChi
  • Mar 6, 9 am, Day of Mobile Conference. An all day event for mobile developers and enthusiasts seeking to better prepare both Chicago’s application development community and companies with mobile initiatives for the upcoming mobile revolution. $40.
  • Mar 13, 9 am, Google Wave & Android Workshops. The GTUG #7 conference will present on Google Wave as well as have hands-on workshops for the Android bar code scanner and the Google Shopping API. $15 - 100.
  • Mar 15, 6 pm, MoMo Chicago March Meeting. Chris Lanier from Microsoft will be presenting on the changing face of Microsoft Moibility: Windows Phones.  He will provide a quick overview of where things are today with the Windows Phone 6.x platform, and will share a glimpse of what is coming with the new Windows Phone 7 Series.  While there will certainly be some questions that cannot yet be answered, please join us for an exciting, interactive, and informative session! FREE to attend, but seating is limited.
    • At McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, 6 pm - 8 pm.
    • Registration & Directions:
  • Mar 17, 8:30 am, ITA March Roundtable. The March meeting details are TBA
  • Mar 27, 8:30, Mobile Twin Cities “Mobile March.” The Mobile Twin Cities group is organizing a day long conference on mobile technology with two tracks. One track is focused on app development and the other on business topics such as defining compelling mobile offerings, marketing, m-commerce, etc. $20.
  • April 3, MobileCampBoston3: Our sister chapter in Boston is hosting MobileCampBoston3. Following the “unconference” model, the lectures and discussions are led by attendees. Attendees are expected from around the world for this third go round in one of the most dynamic mobile environments in North America. Free.
  • April 19, 6 pm, Mobile Monday Chicago April Meeting: “The iPad Changes Everything.” Alex Bratton, President and CEO of software development company Lextech Global Services, will answer all of your burning questions about the iPad and share examples of unique mobile apps that are changing the face of entire industries. FREE to attend, but seating is limited.
  • April 21, 8:30 am, Mobile Visionary Roundtable: April meeting.
  • April 28, 8 am, Mobile University 101: Heartland Mobile Council is sponsoring HMC Mobile University 101. The focus of the day-long education event is on strategic approaches to mobile marketing and integrating mobile into your business. Pre-registration: $99 ($149 at the door).
    • At the Spertus Institute, downtown Chicago, 8:00 - 5:00
    • Registration & Directions:\
  • April 30 - May 2, iPadDevCampChi: Chicago is hosting an “unconference” focusing on sharing ideas & developing apps for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad using both the native SDK and web standards. Pricing: $90


  • While we’re on the topic of Massachusetts, the governor just declared March 2010 as “Mass Mobile Month” to celebrate mobile innovation in New England.
Anything missing from the list above? Let me know!
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Mobile Monday Chicago Events:  The iPad Changes Everything

Please join us for the next gathering of mobile industry professionals & enthusiasts on Monday, April 19, 2010, at 6:00 pm.  Reserve the date in your calendar now!


Alex Bratton, President and CEO of software development company Lextech Global Services, will answer all of your burning questions about the iPad and share examples of unique mobile apps that are changing the face of entire industries.

By applying decades of his technical expertise and business know-how to this exciting new product, Alex will share his thoughts on:

  • Why the iPad changes everything
  • iPad vs. iPhone: The technical differences
  • How the iPad will generate new opportunities (and revenues) for businesses and developers
  • What industries you can expect to embrace the iPad
  • How the iPad affects the existing mobile app landscape

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