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Mobile Monday Chicago:  Call for Leaders: Nominations for a New Leadership Council

It’s that time of year again! Summer is coming to close. And just as Summer gives way to Autumn, it’s time to bring in a new leadership council for Mobile Monday Chicago.

When Ray Villares, Kristie Fox and I took the leadership reins last summer, we set rules that council membership would last one year at a time. Ray (co-chair) and Kristie (PR/Marketing Chair) have decided to move on. However, I am signing up for another year as Events Chair!

So, there are two open positions on the leadership council. The commitment to these positions is one year, until end of July or so next year.
  • Co-Chair: This position focuses on strategy, outreach, and developing strategic partnerships.
  • PR/Marketing Chair: This position will focus on developing and implementing our PR and marketing strategies, and writing and publishing our press releases.

Note: For the last year, we’ve been running lean with just 3 people on the leadership council. That being said, if one or two additional members came forward with passion and commitment, we would consider expanding the council.

This year we are conducting interviews with each applicant. So if you would like to be considered for one of the open positions (or create your own), please do the following:
  • Send me (Anthony) an email:
  • Clearly state which position you wish to be considered for.
  • Write a little cover letter expressing why you’re passionate about mobile and interested in the position.
  • DEADLINE: Friday, August 27, 2010 at midnight.
  • Ray, Kristie, or I will follow up, depending on our travel schedules.
On behalf of the membership, I’d like to thank Kristie and Ray for all of their hard work and dedication (and out-of-pocket expenses) over the past year.
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